Melting Colors

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Summer time can be very hot and with the sun beating down, it has a tendency to make you want a cool refreshing snack, like a popsicle. As the popsicle melts it slowly drips away until you’re left with the

Particle Ocean

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They say the Dead Sea is the saltiest body of water in the world. If that was new news to you, then I am sure you have never seen a particle ocean. That is right. Particle Ocean is the first

Dissolving Color

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It’s like a drop of food coloring in water. The colors mix together and then slowly blend to create beautiful murky water. In the same way, this abstract motion background takes offsetting colors and slowly fades them together to create

Colliding Colors

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You’ve probably heard of worlds colliding. Now it’s time for colors to collide. Download this abstract motion background and enjoy the seamless beauty this hd loop brings as the colors mix and the particles burst forth. $7.00 Resolution: 1920 x

Strong Rotation

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Everything comes and goes in cycles. Almost everything. Thankfully this seamless motion background never breaks a cycle. Download it now for only $7.00. Resolution: 1920 x 1080 H.264 Mp4 File Size: 70 mbs Clip Length: 30 seconds Seamless

Rising Fire

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Rising Fire is a motion background that represents a hardship that is overcome. As the sparks rise into the night sky, it is always a reminder that when people stick together, they can rise above it all. Download this hd

Electric Particles

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Electric Particles is an energy bursting motion background that adds excitement. This video loop is perfect for high energy commercials, lyrics, or text. Download this abstract motion background for only $7.00 Resolution: 1920 x 1080 H.264 Mp4 File Size: 71

Boiling Point

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Boiling Point is a mixture of hot sun with lava. With particles flying out from the center, this motion background is perfect turning up the heat on your next project. Download this royalty free video loop for only $7.00 Resolution:

Rising Heat

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Using a neat little plugin from VideoCopilot.net, this motion background features a nice streak of fire along with colorful particles that fill the screen. If you have been looking for a unique new background, then this abstract motion background might

Purple River

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Purple River is a unique video loop that has long strands of closely knitted particles moving in a downward direction. Using earth tones such as brown, tan, and light purple, this motion background stands out and is perfect for setting

Barely Moving

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Barely Moving is a exotic motion background that looks wild, but is quite tame. With subtle moving particle that follow wavy lines this motion background is ideal for creating a mood of excitement, while remaining calm. This royalty free motion

Running In Two Directions

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Life sometimes can feel like you are being pulled in two different directions. It happens to everyone. What is needed is a central force that pulls those two opposing forces together. This motion background does just that; it brings to

Mixed Up

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We live in a multi-ethnic world where cultures blend and communities are very diverse. In case you live in a area like that and are looking for media that is a little tangled up too, check out this cool motion

Beginning To Glow

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Beginning to Glow is a perfect motion background to highlight text for a music video or other animation. Having a beautiful border using Video Copilot’s Saber plugin, this moving background is perfect for starting, or finishing your next project. $7.00

Solar Reaction

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The night sky is an incredible place to look upon and stair at for hours. If you have ever seen a shooting star, it is an unforgettable experience. Since not everyone lives in the country, but you still want to

Epic Spiral

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Does life every seem to spin out of control with no end in sight? Well, at least you’re not alone. This epic spiraling motion background moves in a spiral pattern in a seamless, infinite way. Download this royalty free video

Falling Gel

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This intriguing motion background is fun to watch and has some creative possibilities with it. With slowly moving waves of dark blue ripples this abstract motion background is perfect for text, or an overlay of a graphic. $7.00 Resolution: 1920

Sky Full of Stars

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When most people think of a sky full of stars, probably the song by Coldplay comes up. While that is a beautiful song and, this is also beautiful background. Laced through space is a motion background twinkling with highlights. Stars

Splitting Circles

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Nuclear fusion is when an atom is split into two. That isn’t exactly the most scientific definition, but, if rocket scientist could split the atom, then surely a couple of tech geeks, mainly just one, could split a circle. If

Billions Of Stars

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If you have ever looked up into the night sky on a dark evening and taken the time to let your eyes adjust, you have probably noticed that there were millions of stars right in front of you. Well, in

Miracle In Space

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Looking for the perfect dream background to highlight a presentation? If so, Miracle In Space may be what you are looking for. With its slow moving particles and bright array of light and colors, it is sure to splash some

Rotating Squares

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In case you enjoy a subtle psychedelic look, this is for those people that can easily be mesmerized by the same rotating pattern over and over and over and over….what was I saying? It definitely works. Enjoy this great hd

Liquid Purple

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Liquid Purple is another rendition of two previous backgrounds with crazy slowing moving lines. Picture, if you will, melting taffy, being swirled around in the mixer bowl. This motion background, will melt in your mouth. $7.00 Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Metallic Reflections

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Sometimes bending metal can be an awesome trait that only can be accomplished in the Metrix. But not anymore. Check out Metallic Reflections, a cool, classy, seamless video loop. $7.00 Resolution: 1920 x 1080 H.264 Mp4 File Size: 67 mbs

Twisted Curves

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Twisted Curves is a 1920X1080 high definition video loop that features some modern curves and colorful distortions. created in Adobe After Effects, this motion background will add energy to any backdrop or project. $7.00 Resolution: 1920 x 1080 H.264 Mp4

Time Warp

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Time Warp is a purple video loop that animates a grid pattern of dots into a floating time warp. This background could be easily enhanced with a title slide or white text to create a simple intro. $7.00 Resolution: 1920

Falling Blue Squares

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Falling Blue Squares is a business type video loop that is prefect for abstract backgrounds for demonstration of products or other text. Use this motion background anyway you choose except for resale. $7.00 Resolution: 1920 x 1080 H.264 Mp4 File

Falling Straight

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Falling straight is a abstract motion background that brings a fresh look to motion. Using several particle systems and a gradient layers, this video loop has a slow motion effect to it making it ideal for peaceful backdrops. $7.00 Resolution:

Never Ending Lines

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Never Ending Lines is a royalty free hd motion background created in After Effects using a gradient background, the radio waves plugin for After Effects and finally, a soft light burst at the top. This background may work great for

Red Space Swirl

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Red Space Swirl is a hd motion background feature a cloudy swirl brightly lit with several lens flair all blended into a red gradient swirl. $7.00 Resolution: 1920 x 1080 H.264 Mp4 and MOV – Both formats included for one