Light Burst

Bronze Glow

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Bronze. What used to be a highly sought after metal, is now a historical element in history. Though it is still used today, motion backgrounds thinks there is a different use for it. This light burst motion background can be

Game On

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Game On. Two of the most important words spoken right before an epic dual. Since epic duals are rather infrequent these days, Game On is actually an amazing motion background built specifically for sports in mind. With a dark slick

Red Magic

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We have all heard about black magic and the wonderful video equipment they offer. But this time, we are talking about a striking motion background that is on par with any magic. Red Magic is a seamless video loop that

Midnight Bright

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On a dark, crystal clear night, a full moon can light up a landscape. This motion background uses a single light burst to brighten up this star lit sky in this seamless video loop. Download this royalty free motion background

Going Around

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There is an old saying, “What comes around, goes around.” Well, in case it never comes around to you, then this motion background is just what you need. The excitement will always come around. Download this awesome motion background for

Heavenly Inspiration

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Looking for a peaceful motion background that is addicting to stare at for hours? Check out this light burst motion background which has red hot embers rising from the ground, against a dark blue night sky, with an animated light

Pointed By Light

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Pointed By Light is a simple motion background that uses soft rays of light to direct the focus to the center of the background where particles fall onto a soft gradient background. If this background is just what you are

Blazing Galaxy

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Blazing Galaxy is a hot motion background that uses modern colors with an infusion of particles mixed in with an animated light burst. Download this royalty free motion background if you are ready for intense awesomeness. It’s time to set

New Again

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When something breaks, it gets sent off to be fixed. The same can be said for many things in life. If you are in one of those time periods right now, where you need a fresh start, try downloading this

Beautiful Sunrise

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You wake up. The clouds are swirling, the birds are chirping, the smell of bacon is on the stove. The only thing missing…a beautiful sunrise. With this hd royalty free motion background, you never have to miss a beautiful sunrise

Golden Pillars

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If there were pillars to good motion backgrounds, there might be only 1, instead of 5: always the highest quality. That is a pillar of the video loops downloaded here. But, in case you are looking for a moving background

Mixing Stars

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With so many movies coming out featuring stars and various wars, (now that would be a good movie title, ‘Star Wars’), Mixing Stars is a space motion background that features several particle systems moving through a purple galaxy. $7.00 Resolution:

Falling At Peace

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Peaceful bliss. It’s something we all want but can be very hard to find. Well, at least you found it here. Falling at Peace is a light burst motion background that features slowly falling particles with a gentle light glimmering.


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Need some tranquility? It can be your for only $7.00. This purple light burst motion background features slow moving particles on a bluish gradient background. Widescreen highlight area makes it perfect for text or lyrics to be shown in the

Fire From Space

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This title begs the question…or at least it did for me…”Can there really be fire in space?” Fire needs oxygen in order to sustain itself. In space, there is no oxygen. So, how can this be? That is what makes

Space Pollen

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Space Pollen: If you suffer from allergies, this motion background maybe hard to watch. Inside this high definition video loop is a creative display of particles floating through space, such as pollen might in spring. However, since it is only

Fire Ball

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Fire Ball is a explosive motion background using dynamic colors and particles systems to create this space-like atmosphere. Incorporated into this background is a giant warm light burst creating that sense of warmth and excitement. $7.00 Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Crawling Through Space

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Crawling Through Space was an idea brought from a film trailer recently. Using After Effects prefabricated animated backgrounds, by blending in some textured layers and a particle system, this background is perfect animated titles and text to create a standout

Time After Time

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Time After Time is a modern light burst video loop featuring a animated light, particle system, and a textured background. Featuring one of the new light burst lens flair features, this motion background always delivers time after time. $7.00 Resolution:

Criss Crossed

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Criss Crossed is a light burst motion background that was generated by animated a Trapcode particular particle pattern and blending a texture layer with a optical flair. $7.00 Resolution: 1920 x 1080 H.264 Mp4 File Size: 64 mbs Clip Length:


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Galactia is a looping motion background that features several animated lens flairs with a particle system all blended together on a colored gradient background. $7.00 Resolution: 1920 x 1080 H.264 Mp4 File Size: 58 mbs (total size for both files)

Sparkly Nova

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Sparkly Nova is a multi-colored video loop comprised of a particle system, several color gradients, and a custom textured background created from Photoshop and After Effects. This motion background is slow moving, making it ideal for environmental backdrops, lyrics on

Space Nova

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Space Nova is a great looking looping background that has several elements combined to create this unique look. Through the use of the textured background, several gradient overlays, particle system and lens flair, this motion background is loaded with great

Orange Pulse

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Orange Pulse is a great video loop created in After Effects using a gradient background, several lens flairs, and a textured background. The subtle radio wave pulse gives it a nice movement without dominating the background. $7.00 Resolution: 1920 x

Always Going

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Always Going is a royalty free video loop that uses several modern lens flairs with a new textured background. Whether being used for live production, post productions, commercials, or private use, this motion background will be sure to always deliver

Ultra Lights

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Ultra Lights is a cool light burst video loop using multiple lens flairs on a soft blue gradient background. This motion background is ready for advertisement commercials. This background will also make an excellent fast paced worship background as well

Triple Lights

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Triple Lights is a light burst video loop generated from a dark grey background. Three animated light bursts were added to give it a outer space look. This would make a perfect background for a video trailer, motion text, or

Light In The Distance

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Light in the Distance centers around a dark void with a two light bursts, one on either side.  Featuring a larger animated light burst on the right side, this motion background is perfect with its subtle movement of particles and

Fall Light

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Fall Light is a dark motion background using a brownish red hue with short-life particles constantly fading in and out. A light burst was added to the top of it and animated to give life to this background. $7.00 Resolution:

Blue Facets

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Blue Facets is a royalty free motion background that was created using a gradient background, textured image, and a particle system integrated into this Adobe After Effects composition. Finally, a light burst was added and a slight blur was applied.