Emotion – Perfect Use of a Motion Background

There are commercials that perfectly exemplify how to use motion backgrounds. Recently, Eharmony.com produced a commercial that didn’t realize it was featuring a great motion backgrounds. This type of background is much more common than one would think, and since it blends into the commercial, it would be very easy to miss it.

However, almost three quarters of all commercials obtain some sort of simple motion background built into it. Take a look at the eharmony commercial below. We created our own version of this motion background found here.

Remember, not matter what your business may be about, motion backgrounds can be used in any trade, business, or niche. Every moving background on this site is completely royalty free and can be instantly downloaded for one low price. If you have purchased a product from us and used it for a project and would be willing to send us a link, we will consider posting it on our blog with a link to your website.

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