Top 5 Motion Background Downloads of 2015

Another year has already passed by. You all download alot of backgrounds. I got several notifications from my web services saying I am using more bandwidth than my sites are allocated, always a good problem to have. Even several of you sent me emails requesting permission to download past the maximum number of downloads allowed. I always accept those requests. To recap this past year, it was a no-contest for the number one most download background. Before I get to the top five, I want to say thanks to everyone who bought some of my premium downloads. It’s because of you guys that I can keep producing many more motion loops, and yes, even some more free ones.

As the resolution of TV’s and standard media continues to increase, the need for higher resolution backgrounds also increases. I am going to be producing several more 4k backgrounds this year. I do think that HD motion backgrounds are going to be around for a long time still, so I will also be cranking out many more of those as well. As always, thanks for all the comments and emails. It’s great to see how these backgrounds are helping people from all over the world. Over 131 countries had people download these video loops including several universities, Russian rock bands, and a whole host of internet video bloggers, not to mention a handful of tv stations, private film developers, and churches.

Now, for the top five motion backgrounds of 2015.

Number 5: Colorful Burst | Download here

Number 4: Free Fireworks Remix | Download here

Number 3: 4K Blue Swirls | Download here

Number 2: Free Fire Twirl | Download here

Number 1: Golden Light | Download here

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